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” Padmasambhava Comes To Tibet” by Yeshe Tsogyal published by Dharma Publishing(2009) is a beautiful and informative book. The reader is presented with the context for  Padmasambhava’s invitation to Tibet. Each phase of the journey is described vividly. Color photos of traditional paintings grace many pages. Padmasambhava’s “first task..was to demonstrate, in a skillful and unsullied manner, the deepest and most mystic aspects of human existence” (pg. 72). “..The tantric teachings were successfully transmitted to Tibet in the eighth century by Padmasambhava.” (p 137). ‘Twenty Five Disciples” of Padmasambhava are described along with their expertise in the last third of the book. Prayers to Padmasambhava and the explanation of the Mantra of Padmasambhava are offered as a special blessing. The reading of ‘Padmasambhava Comes To Tibet’ is sure to bring greater illumination of transformation in a new land.

Book Review by Jacqueline Mandell

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