Other chapters of Dzogchen Nyinthig

Dawn Mountain
Tibetan Temple, Community Center & Research Institute

Dzogchen Nyingthig
Italo Choni Dorje è Insegnante di Meditazione secondo la tradizione antica (Nyingma) del Buddhismo Tibetano (per espresso desiderio del nostro Maestro, A_zom Rinpoche).

Osel Thegchog Ling
Osel Thegchog Ling, a vibrant group of dharma practitioners in the San Francisco Bay Area under the direction of Adzom Rinpoche. Our main functions at this time are hosting a large retreat with Rinpoche once a year, and group practices year round. We are students of the Dzogchen Nyingthig tradition of the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

White Jewel Mountain
We at White Jewel Mountain are the students of Adzom Rinpoche in Crestone, CO. We include lay practitioners and ordained nuns in our unique community; host weekly programs and periodic retreats; work to support monastic training and retreat; and are bulding a retreat center with a cremation stupa on our 48 acres of wooded mountain slope.