A Mantra for This Time-Lomachen

by | Mar 29, 2020 | News

Recitation of the mantra of Lomachen, the aspect of Tārā known as ‘She Who Wears a Skirt of Leaves’, (Parṇaśabarī), known as the 20th of the 21 Taras is recommended for this time.
Om Pishatsi Parna Shawari Sarvazora Prashamanayeh Swaha    

OM: sacred syllable that consists of three sounds A, U, M representing Buddha’s purified body, speech and mind, which bless and activate our body speech and mind, plant the seed of the three kayas (nirmanakaya, sambhogakaya and dharmakaya). Here in particular, the sounds are invoked to prevent, protect and liberate our body, speech and mind from the pestilence such as the coronavirus.

PISHATSI: a female divinity of great powers such as a dakini or yogini who can protect, prevent and liberate beings from all demonic spirits, negative and obstructing forces

PARNA: a leaf of a tree or a plant
SHAVARI a tribal lady of the forest who masters magic and healing using forest herbs and medicines

PARNASHAVARĪ: a powerful forest-hermit-dakini who attired in green leaves of medical plants that are remedies to all illnesses and pestilences

SARVA: all, everything

MARI: illness or pestilence

PRASHAMANI: pacifier

SARVA MARI PRASHAMANI: the Pacifier of all illnesses and pestilences

HUNG: to attain the siddhis (attainment), to fulfill the aspiration, to be established in the deity-state, the Parnashavarī-hood.Parnashavari

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