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Saga Dawa, The celebration of Buddha’s Enlightenment begins Full Moon, May 2011.

During the time of Saga Dawa it is meritorious to participate in ‘Animal Release’. Typically the animals chosen are those who are going to be killed. Try finding worms that are going to be used for fishing or buying grasshoppers used for food at pet stores. There can be a great deal of joy releasing animals into their natural environment.

Here are some recent words from A*dzom Rinpoche about  ‘Animal Release’.

” Regarding releasing living creatures who would otherwise be killed for food one might think, ” Well I cannot do it because of lack of funds. Yet what a wonderful thing to do, and how marvelous it would be if I actually could free these beings.” Such reflection is profoundly meritorious, for sincere contemplation and vows give rise to merit equal to the actual deed.

And this kind of thinking has a real effect. It plants within your mind the roots of virtuous actions harmonious with the goodness of releasing living creatures. So act if you can, and, if not, reflect on and genuinely rejoice in such actions. In this way, your merit becomes abundant and there will be great benefit. ”


Jacqueline Mandell: Meditation Teacher

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