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Happy Losar!

Tibetan New Year (Iron Hare Year). A delightful connection to the New Year will take place March 20 (Equinox) at 10:00 AM. To coincide with Dawn Mountain, Samden Ling will host a Green Tara Tsok Sunday morning March 18 at 2311 E. Burnside (3rd floor) 9:55 AM (doors lock at 10:00 AM). Please bring food offering and drink items to share. Street parking. All are Welcome.

Further questions: info@samdenling.org (usual $5.00 offering for the space).

Samden Ling is a non-profit, 501-c-3. All are welcome. Even if you have never participated in Green Tara, guidance will be available.

To A Blessed New Year!


To all my dear students–

On the occasion of the new year, I send you my greetings and also my blessings.

May all that you wish come to be.

Please know that Teacher and Student are never separate. I do not know if you recognize this or not. But we have never been separate. You can hear my words and I can sense this.

We practitioners of Vajrayana are deeply committed to helping all living beings. It would be a mistake just to leave this at the level of thought. To the extent that we have physical capacity, we must put this into practice.

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